2018 Property Tax

2018 Property Tax


OBEC 2018 Property Taxes Total $1,345,745

While cooperatives are exempt from state and federal income taxes because they operate on a non-profit basis (margins in the form of capital credits are returned to the members), they still pay sales and use taxes, employment taxes and property taxes.

Property taxes are paid on things such as real property (the land and buildings where our five offices and warehouses are located), vehicles and the more than 5,994 miles of distribution lines, which bring electricity to you.

In 2018, Ozark Border Electric paid $1,345,745 in property taxes.  This represents a 29% increase over the past ten years.  Following is a list of the 2018 property taxes paid to counties and political subdivisions within the cooperative’s service area.

County                     2018
Bollinger              $29,316
Butler                 $493,783
Carter                $151,775
Dunklin              $111,878
New Madrid        $26,085
Oregon                  $1,882
Reynolds             $14,672
Ripley                $257,255
Shannon               $1,391
Stoddard           $165,946
Wayne                 $91,762

Total               $1,345,745