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Sample Bill with Legend
  1. This is the amount you pay if you send payment by the due date.

  2. Pay this amount if payment is sent after due date.

  3. Check this box if you will note a new name or address on the reverse side of the bill.

  4. Customer billing address.

  5. Mailing address for remittance of your payment.

  6. Your Account Number.

  7. Beginning date of billing period.

  8. Ending date of billing period.

  9. Number of Days in billing period.

  10. Kilowatt Hours used last year.

  11. Meter Number.

  12. Previous billing cycle meter reading.

  13. Meter reading for current billing cycle.

  14. Multiplier

  15. Kilowatt Hour Usage.

  16. Dollar Amount of monthly bill.

  17. Total amount due if paid on or before due date.

  18. Location of property being billed.

  19. Total amount due if paid on or before due date.

  20. Date payment is due.

  21. Amount due after due date.

  22. Date service will be subject to disconnection due to non-payment.

  23. Date bill is sent.

  24. Bill type.

  25. Rate Schedule.
Sample Bill


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