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Paying Your Ozark Border Electric Cooperative Bill

Ozark Border makes paying your electric bill more convenient. Customers may pay their bill by mail to:

Ozark Border Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 400
Poplar Bluff, MO 63902-0400

or in person at our offices in Poplar Bluff, Malden, Doniphan, Puxico or Van Buren.

Area banks continue to provide a valuable service to Cooperative members by allowing them to pay their electric bill at the banking facilities. Participating banks will accept payments between the first of the month and the due date of the electric bill which is about the 13th. You may pay your electric bill at any of the financial institutions shown.

Payment Locations
First Midwest Bank
of Carter County
Van Buren
First Midwest Bank Poplar Bluff & Puxico
Peoples Community
State Bank
Doniphan & Naylor
First Missouri State Bank Fisk & Poplar Bluff
People's Community Bank Wappapello, Puxico
First Midwest Bank
of Dexter
Dudley, Greenville
US Bank Neelyville, Doniphan & Poplar Bluff
First National Bank
of Malden
Commerce Bank Poplar Bluff
Bank of Grandin Grandin, Ellsinore, Doniphan & Van Buren
Southern Bank
Poplar Bluff, Qulin, Van Buren, Dexter & Doniphan
First Community Bank

Malden, Bernie, Campbell & Poplar Bluff

Federal Credit Union
of Poplar Bluff
Poplar Bluff
  • Questions concerning your electric bill should be directed to the Poplar Bluff billing department at (573) 785-4631 or (toll free) 1-800-392-0567 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • If you haven't received your electric bill by the 5th of the month please contact the billing department.
  • Budget Billing (levelized billing) is available to residential customers. Click here for details or contact the billing department.
  • Annual prepayment plans are available (cabins, out-of-state, unable to read, etc.). Please contact the billing department for details.
  • Electric bill payments can be made in person, by mail, at our drive up windows and night deposits, and at a number of local banks.
  • By notifying us of address or telephone number changes, you help us serve you better.
  • Several procedures are in place to make sure we read each consumer's meter at least once a year. From time to time, you will probably notice either a lineman, meter reader or pole inspector checking your electric service and meter.


New Credit/Debit Card Payment Requirements

You may have noticed that many companies you pay with a credit or debit card are changing the way they accept payments.  This has been due to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) tightening the security requirements for companies which accept credit and debit card payments.  The new security requirements are intended to strengthen the protection of your card information, but they have also made it more difficult to use your card like you have been accustomed to.  Following are some of the changes Ozark Border Electric has made in order to remain PCI compliant:

  • We have recently found out our members will still be able to call the Billing Department at 1 800 392 0567 to make a payment using their card.  Our Billing Clerks will be using an encrypted device to enter your payment information for you.  This will help make your card information more secure.  However, our members will also have the option to call an automated system to make their payment, should they prefer that.  The first time a member uses this automated system it will require you to know your account number and will require you to set up a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to use it.  After the first use, the system will keep your information, and you can access your account by using either the account number or the phone number we have on file for you.  You will always need to know your PINThe toll free number for the automated credit card payment by phone is 1 (844) 262-2440.  This number is unique to Ozark Border Electric members and can only be used to pay Ozark Border Electric bills.  Payments made using this system post to your account within about 60 seconds.
  • The Cooperative has also installed new credit/debit card swipe machines at each office.  These are designed to encrypt the member’s card information and are intended to add an extra level of security for the member.
  • The “View/Pay Bill Online” option is still available on Ozark Border’s website:  Once you click on that option the screens which come up now look different but they still function much the same as the old system.
  • Finally, we recently advertised a new product call SmartHub.  This is a free app available on apple and android app stores, and can be used on any tablet or smartphone.  You simply download the app, choose Ozark Border Electric as the provider and enter your account number.  The app will allow you to make payments by credit card and will even let you set up recurring monthly credit card payments.

As we said above, while all these changes may not be as convenient as our members have been used to, they are a requirement.  The intent is simply to provide more security for your card information.  If you have any questions about using any of these new formats please feel free to contact our Billing Department at 1 (800) 392-0567.


Ozark Border Electric Cooperative
PO Box 400 • Poplar Bluff, MO 63902
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