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Capital Credits


Dear Ozark Border Member,

Good news! We’ve returned over $18.1 million dollars in Capital Credits to our members since 1996, and this
year we are again pleased to announce the board of directors voted to return capital credits in the amount of
$1,037,000 to cooperative members. This refund will be for 100% of capital credits earned in 1985 and 1986,
and 2 percent of all years from 1987 through 2015. Rather than writing checks this year it was decided to
apply the capital credits to the June 2016 electric bills for members with active accounts. This method of returning
capital credits was chosen in order to save the cost of writing and mailing checks. This will save about
$12,000.00 in postage and printing of checks. If a member does not have an active account then a check will
be written. Be sure to check your June 2016 electric bill for the capital credit.

One of the advantages of being a member of an electric cooperative is that, unlike with other utilities, you are
both a consumer and an owner. As a consumer you share in the quality of service and in lower rates. As an
owner your investment is returned to you in the form of capital credits every year the cooperative has revenues
greater than expenses. Those "credits" are returned to members in proportion to the amount each member
paid in that year.

Thank you for your patronage and we hope to continue to provide your electric needs for many decades to
come. If you have any questions concerning the return or about capital credits in general, please call (573)
785-4631 or toll free 1-800-392-0567 and tell the receptionist you have a question about capital credits.


Your Board of Directors



Ozark Border Electric Cooperative
PO Box 400 • Poplar Bluff, MO 63902
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